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High quality remote drum and percussion tracks with endless tone and color. Quick turnaround with masterful performances pristinely caught. Hire a pro recording session drummer and add what's missing to your project.



large collection of vintage and modern drum sets and cymbals,

16, 18, 20, 22 sized bass drums, maple, mahogony, aluminum, copper, brass and steel snare drums.



congas, bongos,djembes, bingis, darbuka/doumbeks, tablas, timbales, surdos, cuica, shekere, various tambourines, panderos, cajon, frame drums, bells, chimes, clave and wood tones, shakers, etherial percussion, metallic percussion, bird and nature sounds, gongs, glockenspiel, synth, piano, Foley/sound effects, endless creative and innovative sounds and tones.



Universal Audio hardware and preamps

Sennheiser, Sure and Warm Audio microphones

wired with Mogami gold neglex quad studio cables

IMac Pro 

Various top industry standard softwares.



acoustically treated and tuned recording suite

This late 2021 release by the 60's psychedelic group Gandalf features GD's remote drum and percussion tracks.

Can You Travel In The Dark Alone

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